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Welcome to Girls Of Faith, a community for Christian women seeking support and guidance on their spiritual journey. Our founder, Jemma, understands the struggles of living a life that is not in alignment with your faith. After spending 10 years as an adult model, she found herself feeling empty and lost. But through her own personal transformation and becoming a born-again Christian, she realized that she could use her experiences to help other women in similar situations.
At Girls Of Faith, we believe that no one is beyond redemption and God's love knows no bounds. We are here to provide a safe space for women to share their stories, find encouragement, and grow in their faith. Jemma's own story serves as a reminder that no matter how far down the wrong path we may have gone, there is always hope for a brighter future..

Our mission is to show that no one is too far gone for God's love and forgiveness. We believe that with faith, anything is possible.

Whether you're a former adult industry worker like Jemma or simply seeking a deeper spiritual connection, Girls of Faith welcomes you with open arms. Let's walk this journey together and discover the power of faith in transforming our lives for the better.

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What My Wonderful Sisters-In-Christ Say

  • Girls Of Faith is a community for Christian women, helping them grow in faith and learn what it means to be a woman of God! I have felt so welcomed by everyone and no longer alone in my journey.

    Felicity Rains Life coach, Love Life
  • I have found Girls Of Faith to be an amazing resource for women looking to deepen their faith journey. They provide a safe and non-judgemental space with plenty of resources, support and guidance that are so valuable in helping me grow spiritually.

    Jen Armstrong Mother, Wife , Build your dreams


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